20-first century in reading room

Twenty-first century is a moment of advance innovation which surrounds every individual no matter where the person reside. Today, that article will concentrate on making a use of technology in the library. There will be offered specialized solutions which are used in the libraries to help the people find the publications faster and check the availability of the present publication.


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Many libraries in the United States plus in the United Kingdom look for the new workers who will assist them to arrange the books and introduce many publications to the pc tools.

What are the main responsibilities of the person who will work in the library in the technical Services department?• Buying new items for the library – the library which want to own constantly new clients must make anything in their power to obtain the fascinating items. (service) The person who would like to apply for the duty should know the goals of the clients and be also a reader of the books to understand the personality of the reader better and buy only the components which will be needed for the clients of the library.• Catalogue of the obtained file – if the contents are obtained, it is moment to catalogue them. It has to be done very precisely to be easy find by the library users. The task must be completed in the library computers as well as in the online catalogue.


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• Conservation of the library contents – it is different crucial job for the new employee. In the library here are many of old publications which require to be preserved. Many of them want to posses new additional cover.
• Store the materials – there are progressively components which require to be kept online. Here are plenty users who make use of the contents only online so the digitalization is required in most of instances.

The job in the library is very calm. It does not demand plenty of moment and dedication. Furthermore, there are not numerous annoying users and the person will not have to work long hours. It is a deal for the person who is quite shy, enjoy to work individually and love reading books. http://www.zst.waw.pl/en/

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