Begin a unique training – become a fencer

The beginning of the school year is a great opportunity to start many new activity which will make you healthy and supply a lot of fun in the same time. There are lots different recreations which can be completed even by men and women who do not like sports much. One of the exercises is undoubtedly fence.


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Fencing is an Olympics field since 1896. Fencing is a sort of martial arts where two people combat each other. They make use of specialized swords so it creates the sport damaging. Nonetheless, it may be rather safe when the sports people wear specialized clothing which are necessary in the hobby.

The clothing are made up of few components, which include:

• Form – it is a fitting jacket with strap which is located between the legs. It is the first clothes which is used by the challengers.
• Sous – plastron – it is wear underneath the jacket. It provides double protection.
• Gloves – the most significant glove is this which keeps the gun.
• Breeches – they are special trousers which protect legs.
• Shoes – they are primarily flat shoes and they are designed to be very comfortable.
• Mask – it is the most crucial protection, it protects face and neck.
• Plastic female chest protector – it is worn by female challengers.

If you are thinking about the sport and you would like to try to be a fencer, you need join 1 of fencing clubs London – go to The club organizes the sessions for every person aged between 15 and seventy. The lessons are right for ladies and guys and it also does not matter if you are right or left handed! Each class is


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conducted by expert tutor who is a certified, skilled and incredibly practiced player.

The fence courses in groups take place each day from wednesday to Friday from 6pm – 8pm and on Saturdays are organized special seminars where the fencers may develop their knowledge. The Weekend practise begins at 12pm and finishes at 3pm. It is also a possibility to take part in individual course which is arranged independently with the fencer and the teacher.

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